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Information for Researchers

The Clinical Studies Directory is evolving and growing, and it may be possible that your study is not yet listed. There are a few things you can do to help us include your study.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can view the Directory?

The Clinical Studies Directory is a public website that allows any visitor to search for clinical trials and studies conducted at USC. Research teams can use the website as a mechanism to spread the word about their study, for example to recruit study participants.

What studies are listed in the Directory?

The search tool currently includes clinical trials and studies via automated data import that fulfill the following criteria:

  • Registered at ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Conducted by a USC PI (Primary Investigator) or a study site is located at USC
  • Approved by the institutional IRB
  • We continue to look at ways to expand the scope of the studies listed in the Director. Stay tuned...

How does the location search work?

People can search by zip code to find USC-related studies that have a study site closest to where they live. USC-related studies trials are defined as follows. The system includes studies that:

  • Do include a USC PI and USC site and other sites in CA and the US
  • Do not include a USC site but a USC PI, or
  • In rare cases, do not have a USC PI but include a USC site.

Why is my study not listed in the Directory? How can I correct this?

If your trial is not listed in the Directory, this may be due to a missing NCT number in the USC True 2 database. The Directory automatically includes data from ClinicalTrials.gov and two USC databases (i.e., True2 and iStar/IRB). Most studies have an NCT number (provided by ClinicalTrials.gov) and are listed in USC’s True2 database.

Please contact us if your trial is missing and provide the following information:

  • Study title
  • NCT number (provided by ClinicalTrials.gov)
  • IRB number

Once we receive this information, we will add your study within three to five business days.

What are the sources of data used in the Clinical Studies Directory?

The Directory automatically includes information from the following data sources:

How frequently does the data in the Directory get updated?

The Directory automatically updates data from the following data sources once a day. However, these data sources have their own time frames for implementing updates.

  • ClinicalTrials.gov
  • USC True2
  • USC iStar/IRB
  • USC Health Sciences Profiles

How do I edit and enhance my trial page?

Currently, the best way to edit information on your trial page is to edit the information in ClinicalTrials.gov. The Directory automatically updates study information by importing that data nightly once a day.

We are working on enhanced features that will allow study teams to enhance their study information page with laymen descriptions, videos, links, study materials such as flyers, etc.

How do I change the photo of the PI?

The Directory integrates with USC Health Sciences Profiles, a Research Networking and Expertise Mining tool. The photo of the PI is automatically included from his or her USC Profiles page. In order to change this photo, the PI (or a proxy) would need to log into his or her USC Health Sciences Profiles account and change the picture directly.

Sign in here to change the photo | Learn how to edit a profile

What are the system requirements for using the Directory?

The Directory works best using any of the following web browsers. If you are using an older browser or a browser not listed below, you may experience some errors in functionality.

  • Internet Explorer 9 or later
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari 5 or later

How can I integrate study data from the Directory into my website?

Web developers have full access to the data shown in the Directory through a REST API. This allows you to show all or specific study data on any website by writing client or server side code to incorporate information directly from the Directory. If you have questions, please contact us.

Where should I send my feedback or ideas on how to improve the tool?

Contact us and share your comments, feedback, stories on how the Clinical Studies Directory helped you. It is much appreciated.

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